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A. Hatzopoulos S.A. specializes in flexible packaging. Founded in 1931, today it is one of the fastest growing packaging converters in the European market. The company operates in two production sites in Thessaloniki, Greece, and has a very strong sales network in more than 20 countries. It invests continuously in innovative technological equipment and is equipped with state-of-the-art gravure machines and flexo machines. There is an ink-mixing department for ink formulation in the gravure and flexo plants. 



Is specialized in the manufacture of colorants and plastic compounds that meet the maximum quality requirements of their customers. The company produces ad-hoc solutions for any need detected by their R+D department or their customer service department.

NTC is in constant evolution and develops novel applications for colorants and plastics. It also evaluates the quality of processed products, mainly color ranges used in companies’ daily production. Different solutions are available in the portfolio: masterbatch, liquid colorant, pigment, and compounds. NTC has considered quality as a differentiating factor and has ISO 9001-2000 quality certification. 



PLUSFRESC Supermercats Pujol S.A. is a familiar supermarket chain enterprise founded in 1929. PLUSFRESC is the leader in sales of food in Lleida city area. The quality of the products, the customer service, and sensibility for social response is the goals of the company. PLUSFRESC has the quality of service and product as objective and an it is customer oriented service enterprise. PLUSFRESC has been recognised with several prizes at Regional, National and European level regarding its sustainability, quality of service and innovation.

PLUSFRESC is the leader in sales of food in Lleida city area. The quality of the products, the customer service, and sensibility for social response is the goals of the company. 



Belourthe is a state-of-the-art cereal processing factory, located in Hamoir (Ardennes region), in Belgium. Belourthe is in a unique position in the world. The company is an independent cereal manufacturer yet has the technology, equipment and the formulation knowledge to deliver cereal products with the same quality as the world’s leaders. The company has a yearly production of around 6500 tonnes. 

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Skymark’s manufacturing capability includes cast & blown film co-extrusion, flexographic printing, solvent and solventless lamination, slitting, conversion, reclaim & recycling through its 2 manufacturing facilities in the UK, Ilkeston and Scunthorpe servicing a variety of sectors, specifically the Hygiene & Medical, Lamination films, Bags, Technical Films, and general printed and plain PE products. Skymark’s emphasis is on developing innovate, technological advanced and environmentally aware products. It has an excellent reputation for the Quality of its products, fast and flexible Response capability, its Innovative solutions and the high level of Service it provides within the flexible packaging industry. 



ITENE is a Research Institute constituted in 1994 as a private non-profit Research centre integrated with businesses, entities and institutions related to Packaging, Transport and Logistics. Our mission consists of improving business competitiveness through the promotion of research, development, innovation and advanced technological services.

ITENE has expertise in the development of innovative packaging materials, food and cosmetic packaging, advanced technologies for the design and development of packaging, new packaging systems, smart packaging, traceability, printing technologies and printed electronics, new analytical methodology for quality control of packaging, material testing, packaging in the logistics chain as well as experience on evaluating sustainability aspects of the whole packaging value chain.

It has participated on the improvement of materials, products and processes considering environment, economy and society and it is plenty specialized on ecodesign methodology based on Life Cycle Assessment applied to packaging, transport and logistics. 



Food and Biobased Research (DLO) is part of Wageningen UR (WUR). It is a research institute that develops and transfers knowledge in the field of sustainable applications for safe food and non-food products. DLO creates inspiring options and concrete solutions in close cooperation with government, business & industry. The research activities of the institute are divided into 2 business units:

1.The bio-based products business unit is constantly involved with establishing the bio-based economy by working together with clients to create breakthroughs in the manufacture of innovative products. The collective expertise of this business unit can provide profitable solutions for each step in the production of these bio-based products.

The mission of the Fresh, Food & Chains (FFC) business unit is to develop new concepts and technologies in cooperation with industry and government with the aim of making improvements in the quality-driven agro-production chain. 



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MatRI is the leading UK Research Institute in the area of applied materials and processing technology development for industry, particularly SMEs and believes that materials play a pivotal role in determining and improving economic performance and quality of life. The institute researchers cover the full breadth of scientific disciplines from applied mathematics and physics, to materials engineers, chemists, biologists and manufacturing process experts. Their expertise is used to build scientific knowledge in the following areas: 1. polymer chemistry and processing, 2. polymer composites, 3. nanotechnology & nanomaterials, 4. technical textiles, 5. biomaterials and functional/smart materials. They have successfully delivered and managed more than 100 national and European collaborative R&D projects over the last decade.