BioactiveLayer new packaging is formed by a multilayer structure based on biodegradable polymers with novel and active properties, to achieve a shelf life of 24 months:

Low permeability to oxygen

Final materials comply with European Food safety and with biodegradability standards



In detail, it covers all the next main requirements:

Low permeability to oxygen: (<1 cc/m2 day bar) the objective is reached with a value (<0.05 cc/m2 day bar), carbon dioxide and water vapor (<1 g/m2 day) values are lower than current multilayer biodegradable materials, however are in the range of 5-6 g/m2 day.

Concentration of oxygen in a food package has to be kept as low as possible in order to reduce oxidative degradation (a decrease from 21% to 15-16% in headspace has been achieved), as well as moisture (<1% headspace volume), to preserve product quality.

Developed materials reached mechanical requirements, are resistant to fats and are opaque, so it will guarantee oxidative processes caused by light transmittance.

Final materials comply with European Food safety regulations so it should be marketable.

Waste management: final packaging material complies with biodegradability standards